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Hackers' Christmas Came Early This Year- Log4shell Is on the Rise

Reposify offers a free Log4j vulnerability scan to help your organizations detect the exposures, and provide critical insights that can help you mitigate the risks.

Security teams across the globe spent their weekend mapping and mitigating the CVE-2021-4428 (CVSS 10\10) vulnerability. Reposify data shows apache HTTPd is the most exposed and used web server in the world. But that's only half of the problem. Many services use log4j as part of their core service which means exploitation is not only towards the apache web server but many other services based on the apache log4j and HTTPd.

To mitigate this significant vulnerability, Reposify’s security team added an automatic discovery feature for affected exposed assets by log4j, to our Google-like mapping platform. This means Reposify’s customers can be notified on an exposed and vulnerable CVE-2021-4428, without the need to perform any action. They can continue their R&R weekend… so can you. 


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