Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

10 AM EST | 4 PM CET

The Pharmaceutical Industry's Worst Attack Surface Exposures

While pharmaceutical companies were always a favorite target for hackers, COVID-19 and the race for vaccine development have shone a spotlight on this industry leading to a measurable increase in attacks targeting it.

How do top security teams manage to adapt to the new reality?


During this webinar we will cover: 

  • The most prevalent exposures across the pharmaceutical industry 
  • The impact of M&A transactions on pharmaceutical companies' external attack surfaces
  • Top 5 things every pharma security team should check right now
  • How EASM can help reduce the risks of unknown exposures
  • Live Q&A

The speakers: 

Arnon y
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Arnon Yosha

Senior Security Researcher, Reposify 

Arnon is an experienced security researcher with more than 11 years of experience in the cybersecurity space, currently leading the research department at Reposify. Before joining Reposify, Arnon worked as a senior red team R&D at SDC. He researched, developed, and maintained multiple tools for red team engagements across all major OS. 


Erez Braun

VP Global Sales, Reposify 

As Vice President of global sales at Reposify, Erez Braun is responsible for the company’s direct and indirect sales efforts, strategic partnerships, and business development strategies. Prior to joining Reposify, Erez served as Sales Director, EMEA at Cynet, a cybersecurity company and Country Manager of CA, developing regional markets. Erez held various positions in cybersecurity and other B2B SaaS companies, including sales, and business development services.

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